• We put up 100% of the money for every deal!
  • Average over $20,000 per deal in PROFITS!!
  • Rated number one real estate mentoring program in Florida!
  • We will go with you to negotiate the deal with the seller!

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  • 2We have all the buyers so our students don’t have to worry about building a buyer’s list right away!
  • 3If the property looks good for a rehab, we will put up the money and use our contractors to maximize the profits!!


  • Our student Nancy Nur’s first deal. This was a short sale property that we found a 2nd mortgage on, but were able to negotiate and get the short sale approved. We put up the money for the purchase and sold to one of our buyers. The profit was over $17,000!! Way to go Nancy!
  • Student Francisco and Emmanuel collecting profit check This is Francisco and Emmanuel, two of our youngest students that are now professional investors. They have closed multiple deals now. This was them coming in to the BREIA Headquarters to pick up not one but TWO checks from two deals that we just closed on!!
  • $120,000 total profit from just 3 wholesale deals!! Harry and Victoria have been presented the Deal Of The Month more than once. They represent what hard work and persistence will do… make you successful! This was one of their recent deals that had a total net profit of $62,787!!
  • Antonio Lopez This is the $90,000 student now at his own office!
  • Tyra Bacon Tyra has been involved with the BREIA mentor program for about a year and is becoming a seasoned investor
  • Carlos Rios Carlos is one of our new students that got his first deal underway in less than 30 days of joining the program
  • Nancy Vega Nancy is one of our new students that loves the fact she joined our program and we have kept over 400 homeowners out of foreclosure since 2008!
  • Marsha Robinson Marsha was nervous about talking to homeowners at first, but after being in our true One on One mentorship program, she has gotten over those fears and is now working her first couple deals!
  • Harry and Victoria BREIA’s most seasoned students that just closed 3 deals at the beginning of 2015 for profits totaling over $120,000!! “We found a home here!” Harry Diamond
  • Ricky and Marie They find that being able to interact with other students at the Student Support Classes has really helped them. They recently received a check for their portion of the profits on a wholesale deal in Broward County!
  • Patricia Collects Her 2nd Deal Check Patricia’s determination of working on the short sale with our team paid off as we were able to get this approved and closed in less than 4 months. We were able to resell the property in less than 10 days!!!! Total Deal PROFIT = Over $23,000!!!
  • Tom Collects First Check Tom’s short sale was a 1/2 duplex property in a popular rental area. He challenged himself and our team to get this property approved and sold. We lived up to the challenge and got the property sold within 24 hours. 1/2 Duplex sold for a Total Deal Profit = Over $16,900!!!
  • Student Rhoan – Over $34K Profit Rhoan using his knowledge from his mentors remembered doing a short sale is easier after the homeowner has filed a bankruptcy. In as little as 7 weeks we got this short sale approved and closed. Sold within 60 days for a Total Deal PROFIT = Over $34,900!!!
  • Student Ali collecting profit check Ali’s short sale which was approved after the foreclosure attorney couldn’t do anymore. A quick clean up and paint job made it a perfect buy for one of the largest hedge funds. After we held the property for 90 days the Total Deal PROFIT = Over $25,000!!!

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Ryan Kuhlman Lead Mentor
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Anish Dave Lead Mentor

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