We're changing lives every day over here at BREIA, the best real estate mentoring program in South Florida, and perhaps the nation!  Check out the success of our students, Harry & Victoria Diamond, who have earned over $1,300,000 in their time since taking our real estate investing program, and they continue to make things happen.

BREIA Student Profile and Highlights

Harry & Victoria Diamond started in the BREIA Mentor Program in 2013 having no experience in Real Estate at all. They made a commitment to themselves to keep an open mind and follow the advice and teachings of their mentors.  In their first 90 days, they put 12 properties under contract with the desire to truly help others and make a difference in their lives. Harry remembers Victoria saying “ If we are going to do this, we are going to be different than all others out there. It is going to be homeowner first and us second.” 

This was their motto and motivation that led to the success of their company.

They chose the name of their company as it means Honor, Dignity, Determination, Strength and Courage. Looking back, little did they know that Courage and Fearlessness to face the unknown would be apropos

“In the beginning, we said we are going to put 12 deals through the mentorship program and that was probably the smartest thing we did as every deal turned out to be completely different. That enabled us to grow faster and help more people” confirmed Harry & Victoria.

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Let's dig deeper into the statistics of all the success that came from the hard work Harry & Victoria put into making deals happen.

  • More than 5 deals over $100,000…..and counting!
  • Top wholesale profit is $114,000  without even touching it
  • Average profit per deal is over $38,000

Harry recalled the scariest day for him was when Anish encouraged him to do the next deal on their own. That not only increased their net profits but boosted their confidence to face any situation with not only the learned skills, but they were able to think out of the box to find creative solutions to help the homeowner in the best way possible.  Especially since BREIA would always be there to help if needed.

With what they had learned and networking with those more experienced, they now have helped hundreds of homeowners on many deals that have netted them almost $2 million dollars.  Quite a few of those deals netted them more than $60,000 each.  A couple have been over $100,000 each.

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Many in the industry, even with decades of experience, frequently ask them how do they get houses for $5,000 and $8,000, negotiate city leans as high as $7 million down to $15000 and lower.

They remain humble when they say “All we want to do is help others, we put it out into the universe asking for those that need our help to be put into our path.  It may sound crazy but that is what works for us.”

Harry & Victoria said “ We had been given a gift and were taken under the wings of BREIA and some industry experts.  We continue to receive it.  We are just paying that gift forward.”

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