If you follow our road map, work smart, and work hard, you can make things happen rather quickly in the world of real estate investing.  Take two BREIA students, Jo Colonna and Victor Carrera.  Today we are going to share their story and massive successes, all of which happened in well under a year and during a world pandemic.  Let that sink in!

Jo Colonna and Victor Carrera Real Estate Journey

Jo and Victor started after quarantine (In Florida) was over in May 2020.

They have now closed about 10 deals with a total profit of $328,000.

They just closed the biggest Wholesale deal at BREIA for a profit of $136,000.

They broke the record that Harry and Victoria Diamond held for the last 3 years at $105,000 profit.

Background Information and How They Made it Happen so FAST!

Jo and Victor came to us in March of 2020. They met with Anish as they were interested in our mentor program. Jo and his wife Emelia had taken a National Mentor program in the past but had no luck with that program. They never got a single deal!

In May of 2020, after the quarantine, Jo and Victor started marketing to homeowners. They sent letters, made cold calls, and knocked on doors.  They immediately started getting properties in contract from what they learned in our program. Neither of these guys had experience in Real Estate when they started this program. Both married with two kids, they had a full plate coming into the program. We teach how to manage your life and still be able to close deals. Yes, even during a Pandemic it is possible to get your start in real estate and become successful.

Jo Colona worked in the Corporate world of Hospitality Management for almost 15 years. He was tired of working so hard for other people. His talents were managing personnel, organizing major events, catering to high end clients, and managed operations of major hotel chain. Jo wanted to not only become successful and make money in Real Estate, his main goal was having more time to be a present father and husband.

Victor Carrera also worked in the Corporate world.  Victor was in charge of Franchise Sales of a major international corporation. He has traveled all over North and South America making millions of dollars for other people. Victor has not only a very strong sales background, but has also developed the skills of scaling a company from $15,000,000 to a $100 million company! Now like Jo, Victor wants to make money for his own company and have more time to spend with his wife and kids.

Jo and Victor Real Estate

This was their first deal check of over $20,000!!

Now they have both quit their full time Jobs and are putting their full time into their Real Estate business, Exodus Property Solutions! The timing couldn’t be better as they have now beat the record at BREIA & MD-REIA for the single largest profit from a Wholesale flip. This was a property they found in Foreclosure and was Off Market. Putting in less than 10 hours on this deal, Jo & Victor brought in a profit of $136,000!! Without touching the property, without fixing anything or making repairs, and without using the MLS. We marketed the property on our buyers list and sold the property in less than 24 hours.

We had to get creative and use multiple LLCs to get this deal sold. So even though Anish and I put up 100% of the money, they actually wrote the check for our 50% share since the majority of the funds from the sale was wired to their business account. Amazing!

Jo and Victor Real Estate deals

This is Jo & Vic handing me our share of the $136,000 check after we closed the deal using 2 different LLCs.

Jo and Victor love to help people. A big reason for their success is that fact. They have such a good relationship with all of their homeowners. Jo and Victor have combined their own experiences in Sales and Hospitality Management with our experience and knowledge at BREIA to be on their way to becoming very successful. They are now doing deals on their own. They just got 3 new deals in contract in the last 2 weeks.

Now these guys are working on their own deals. They don’t need our money, and soon will not need our buyers list. As our students know, they can always partner with us and we will put up 100% of the funds and use our buyers list to get the property sold. We actually promote our students to go out on their own and keep the profits for themselves once they learn the business.

They will need some coaching from time to time, and we will be here for them. But we are also looking forward to seeing them scale their business!

We are extremely proud and happy for these incredible gentlemen that are all about helping their homeowners, helping and educating other about how they can be successful, and are becoming some of our most successful students in the history of the BREIA & MD-REIA Mentor Program.

Keep it up guys!!

How would a $136,000 profit from a Wholesale flip change your life? Have you considered our Mentor Program?

If you are asking “Why”….just ask Jo and Victor!