While there are definitely no hard and fast rules about what belongs in a credibility kit, there are definitely certain things that absolutely belong nonetheless. But at the same time, you could always get creative with your kid if that’s what you desire.

Some people put their entire credibility kit on video and that’s all they need to share. Others dedicate a section of their website to showcase their credibility kit and they do not have a physical printed copy. But more common than anything else, a physical copy is what most people have. So we’ll focus on the various sections of a well thought out credibility kit to help you get started no matter what way you decide to go.

What Does a Proper Credibility Kit Have?

  1. An Attention Grabbing Introduction

To begin, you really need an attention grabbing introduction that will absolutely attract the readers’ interest. Your prospects want to be wowed and impressed and they need you to be desirable if they’re ever going to work with you.

So come up with a really enticing and attention grabbing headline. Something like the following examples might be a good idea:

“Are You Sick and Tired of Stock Market Volatility and Inconsistent Returns?”

Or maybe something like…

“Are Your Current Investments Underperforming and Keeping You Awake at Night?”

These opening headlines will definitely make prospects take notice. So come up with a credible and enticing headline on your own or feel free to use our examples.

  1. Add Facts to Back Up Your Attention Grabbing Claims in the Headline

Grabbing a prospect’s attention is just the first part of the process. Now you need to back up your headlines with actual facts. So spend some time on the Internet finding quotes and information from news sources that you could share. Particularly, find stock market information that you can quote that will convince your readers of market volatility and remind them that buying real estate is a safer and more consistently stable investment.

You’re going to build up their desire at this point as well. So you have to add in information about how desirable it is to invest in real estate. Mention that if you want, real estate can actually be a very passive investment. And begin to get make people really excited about your program.

  1. Share Your Program as a Valid Solution to Their Investment Woes

Now that you’ve really gotten the prospect’s interest and you’ve sunk your hooks in them, it’s time to step into the limelight and share your program with them. Let them know that real estate investments are an excellent alternative. And even better, let them know that this is an excellent source of passive income that generates consistent and predictable profits over and over again.

Even more important, you really need to showcase your skills and abilities in the industry. You have to let members of your community know that you’re the best and most qualified real estate investment company to work with in your community with a track record that can’t be beat.

  1. Remember to Scatter Testimonials on the Page or in the Package

Do you want to know the easiest way to sell your investing services? Prove that you’ve been able to help other people make money in the past. And even better, prove that you are still capable of helping people make money right now.

What’s the best way to accomplish this? Testimonials of course!

One of the biggest ways to build credibility as a real estate investment company is to share testimonials of your previous successes. People love to read about other people’s successes so they can envision themselves experiencing the same level of success too. It’s an absolutely crucial part of the process when you’re trying to bring new prospects into the fold and turn them into valued clients.

Have you worked with other private lenders in the past? Ask them to provide testimonials on your behalf. Ask them to provide a picture of themselves or a video testimonial would even be better.

  1. Tell Your Leads How They Can Also Get Involved in Real Estate Investing

Now that you’ve really got their curiosity piqued, it’s time to hit them over the head with your contact information and a strong call to action. In fact, make sure you lay out the exact steps to get started plainly and simply so there’s no confusion on anyone’s part.

So, if you have a phone number that you want them to call tell them to call it. If you have an email opt in form that you’d like them to sign up to, send them to the exact location on the web.

No matter what, make sure your call to action is strong, easy to understand, and even easier to follow. If you can set this in motion, you’ll have no trouble turning prospects into real estate investing clients in no time at all.