So probably one of the hottest topics of conversation right now during this coven 19 pandemic is is this the right time to invest in real estate? Well, I can answer that question with one word very easily. Yes, it is. But how do we make that determination? How do we determine if a market is a good time to invest in real estate? Really all markets are good to invest in real estate, but some are better than others. Well, for instance, being in a classroom like this is not necessarily where you're going to get that answer. I mean, it is important for you to learn things in a classroom. Like how do we evaluate properties, how to run your numbers, how to pull comparables, what types of properties and investments you know, to make. But unfortunately in a classroom, we're really not going to get that macro answer of is this the right time to invest in real estate?

Now, obviously in real estate, but more looking at individual investments. If somebody says, Hey, there's a property for sale, is this a good buy? Is this a good investment for me? We can physically come to the property, take a look at it, see what the condition is, see what kind of repairs are needed. We can even look around the rest of the neighborhood to see what's going on, to see if that's going to be a good investment or not. But that is the micro economics of the market. That's not the macro economics of the market. That's not what's going to tell us what's going on in the rest of the country. Or even just your state or the County that you live in or wherever you're doing your investing. So in order to see the macro economics of the market, in order to really see the trend of real estate and where things are moving, you have to look at the public records. When we look at public records, that's what really tells us what's going on overall and will help us answer the question, is this the right time to invest in real estate? So if you guys come back with me to my office, I'll show you exactly what I'm talking about

In order to get a macro look at what's going on with a market. You cannot do that looking at individual properties, you cannot do that from the street. You have to be looking at everything as a whole and public record is what helps us to determine that. When we look at the data from public record using certain software programs that collect that data from public records, their clerk of courts, how many people are going into foreclosure, the tax collectors of each County, how many people are falling behind on their property taxes, eviction lists, foreclosure lists. The list goes on and on. So what we really want to do is to understand and how to answer that question. Is this the right time to invest in this market? We have to understand what we're looking at. We have to understand that we're looking at this data as a whole and an entire market.

Now we can look at the entire market in the United States. You can break down markets by state because it's not exactly going to be the exact same in every single state. And you can also even break it down further into like a tri County area like South Florida. South Florida is one of the areas that I've been investing in and for about 10 years now and in South Florida, if I want to really want to look at that market, what's going on with Miami Dade, Broward and Palm beach County is that I need to look at the public records. I need to see is there an increase of people going into foreclosures, an increase of people stopping to pay property taxes. We're looking for the signs from public record data that will tell us what's going on with the market overall and we have to understand these numbers in order to be able to crunch that data.

So the question on the table is, is this the right time to invest in real estate? And here's my answer from what I see in public records and not just data from South Florida, from data from all over the United States. There have been 3.2 a little more than 3.2 million homeowners that have gone into foreclosure and the last 60 days and the crash of 2007 and eight it took almost two years to get to 3.1 million homeowners to make stop making payments on their mortgages. So that indication almost alone tells me as an investor, this is the right time to invest in this market. Now looking at housing prices and things and looking at that data, that's not just something that you can look at overnight because it's not just the market's not just going to change overnight. We've been slowly looking at what's happening over this covert 19 pandemic during the entire quarantine and what slowly has been happening to the market, housing prices and that sort of thing.

Now housing prices haven't exactly dropped a whole lot as up to right now, but when we look at other data like how many homeowners are going into foreclosure, that tells us that there's going to be a rise in the amount of motivated sellers. See in real estate, especially in wholesaling and flipping properties, we're looking for signs that sellers are motivated. Well, if people aren't able to work, they're not able to pay their mortgages, they're not able to pay their property taxes, they're not able to pay their rent. People that had Airbnb properties as this as an extra investment, now they can't afford to pay the taxes, insurance and maintenance on that Airbnb property when that Airbnb property isn't producing any profit for them. So these are the signs that we look at and the signs that I see right now is that there are a ton of Airbnb properties that are empty that are people are losing money on.

There are a lot of people that have stopped paying their rent, so there's going to be a rise in evictions. There's going to definitely be a rise in the amount of foreclosures, people going into foreclosure, and when there is that much inventory that's going to come into the market at one time, there's only one thing that can happen. The prices will drop, but that's also part of real estate. If I buy a property for X, sell it for Y and Z profit. It doesn't matter if I bought the property for 50,000 or if I bought it for 500,000 as long as I'm getting my margins, as long as I'm getting my profits that I'm looking for in that property, it doesn't matter to me what the pricing is. So as the pricing will be decreasing and there will be opportunities to pick up Airbnb properties and rental properties and wholesale properties.

Because the other thing that we're looking at and what you can tell from public record, what you can tell from, from economic specialists and and different people that that are putting out reports right now is that the increase in the amount of hedge funds, the increase in groups of people that are pulling their cash together to go out and try to scoop up these deals to try to buy as many properties as possible is the same thing that happened in 2007 2008 so now being an experienced investor that went through that market crash, being in real estate unfortunately lost everything. But learning from that mistake. Now I'm ready for it. Now I'm looking for those signs and when I see an increase of hedge funds that tells me there's going to be an increase of buyers out there for me to wholesale these properties too.

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So I find properties where people are facing foreclosure. I get them out of foreclosure, I get the property at a discounted price, and then I wholesale it, flip it to a hedge fund. That's a win win situation. I got the homeowner out of foreclosure and it's a win for me as well because I have those profit margins still in there because now there's a, there's a buying group, which now those buying groups are going to start competing against one another and when they start competing against one another, when the buyers start competing against one another, the prices start to increase again. So the signs that I see again are pointing all in the direction that this is a phenomenal time to invest in real estate, not just a good market, a phenomenal market. And if for those people that want to get into real estate, those people that are not in real estate, if you're missing out on this opportunity, you're going to feel it. And this opportunity is going to be here for awhile. It's going to take us several years again to catch back up and to take care of, especially all these homeowners that are facing foreclosure. So it's not just a good market today. It's going to be a good market for the next couple of years. So there's your answer to the question. Is this a good time to get into real estate?