There is nothing more heartfelt than a handwritten note, and this goes for real estate business as well.  Today we'll show you some of the principles you'll want to incorporate in your handwritten notes as well as outline scenarios and templates that you'll want to incorporate into your marketing ASAP.

How Real Estate Agents Can Thrive With HandWritten Notes

By spending just ten minutes per day writing a few simple notes per day, you can really get ahead of other people trying to get through to home owners.  Handwritten notes are one of the best kept secrets in the real estate business.  Not only are they well received, but people rarely receive regular mail in their mailbox these days thanks to the digital era, so seeing something handwritten is always welcome when compared to mass emails and text messages.

Here is a list of easy to incorporate tips you can easily amplify your marketing and engagement with handwritten notes.  

#1:  Keep it Simple

You've most likely heard the acronym “KISS,” which stands for keep it simple stupid.  This pertains to writing notes as well.  Just a few sentences can go a long way towards making contact.  Be sincere and direct.

#2:  Target Audience

It's important to know who to send these notes to because even though it's a contact sport, you need to hone in your list of targets and be laser focused for maximum success.  You may send these to prospects, friends, family, or past clients.

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#3:  Know When Situations Require Note Writing

There are many reasons you can be writing a handwritten note.  Maybe a new business opened in your city and you want to greet them and offer any help you can offer.  Perhaps a thank you card for attending a new friends life milestone, such as a 40th birthday or wedding.  Find reasons in life to make contact with people and they will always remember you.

#4:  Keep Finding New Reasons

Again, this is a numbers game and you'll want to always invent new reasons to expand your outreach efforts.  Congratulate people on new births, job promotions, retirement, or just send holiday greeting cards.  The more off the wall you get the more you will be remembered.  Appreciation notes are always great ways to make contact with people.

#5:  Always Have a Stock of Cards

Having cards handy and in stock is always a great way to keep this simple marketing method fresh in your mind.  Having supplies to mail them out, including stamps, a contact list, business cards, and of course a pen to write with are always reasons why you won't be making excuses about why you didn't make contact with someone.

#6:  Send Out Every Morning

When you have cards set out in advance it's a reminder that you need to complete them by the end of each day.  If you aren't able to finish three cards per day, just add them to a stack as a reminder to do them the following day.  You'll want to shoot for 15 per week, and this will equate to 780 contacts on a yearly basis!!

#7:  Your Impact Will be Long Lasting

When people receive notes, they often aren't quick to toss them in the trash.  Often times you will find them hanging on the refrigerator or placed on a bulletin board or some other place where it can be displayed.  This is a meaningful impact that they won't soon forget.

8:  Ask Everyone for Addresses

Many folks just don't put their address on their business cards.  Make it a habit to ask them for their mailing address so you can follow up with a handwritten note.

9:  Use General Etiquette

Not to sound like captain obvious here, but it's important that your handwritten notes are legible.  The last thing you want to happen is that you send someone a note that they can't understand!  Make sure to check your spelling and make sure everything is perfect.  Details are not forgotten and this is your chance to stand out from the crowd.  Also, use a blue or black ink pen – and never red! Insert your business card every time you send a note for maximum effect.

Taking the extra time to send a personal note can be the difference maker in your business.  Follow these quick and easy steps to ensure success.

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