There are many times the real estate market sizzles in various pockets of the USA and abroad, but just because it's a sellers market doesn't mean your house will sell with ease.  A seller's market often times means there are fewer homes for sale and that the sellers can command higher asking prices and have leverage when negotiating, but just because your home is one of the few for sale doesn't mean you'll have an easy time selling your property.  We put together a guide to help your home stand out in any market, but most importantly, in a sizzling real estate market.

How to Prepare Your Home to Sell in a Hot Real Estate Market

While 2020 brought a lot of struggles to various industries due to the pandemic, one industry that got a nice lift was real estate.  Fueled by record low mortgages rates (especially in July 2020) and a trend in having people being forced to work from home brought on a huge demand for homes.  The trend went to homes with space to spread out, even have acreage, and within a further proximity to the masses of people due to the fear of spreading the virus.  One market that really boomed here in Florida was Tampa, but largely any real estate market that allows for homes versus condos saw a sharp uptick in prices.

When markets heat up, homes also get multiple offers, which is a fantastic thing for real estate owners looking to sell.  In order to maximize your potential appeal to prospective buyers, there are many updates you can make to your home to essentially stick out from your competition.  The best part about these updates is that they won't break the bank, but do keep in mind that any expensive investments like roofing or custom kitchens will increase your homes value and appeal, but we'd like to focus on the doable, affordable options today.

Apply Fresh Paint Wherever Needed

Whether it's for your homes interior or exterior, fresh paint will always help your home from looking weathered.  Choose colors that are trending versus what you may prefer, including light and bright colors in the neutral zone like gray and white.

fresh paint

Update Your Fixtures

Another low cost way to efficiently raise your homes value is to update your fixtures.  Lights, door handles, faucets, cabinet handles, and others are all easy to do on your own.

door handle

Focus on Curb Appeal

People approaching your house want to see something flawless.  Make sure the front door and garage are freshly painted and that no remnants of cobwebs are lingering around your house.  A nice trim to your grass is also a solid move.  Clean up after yourself and make sure if you have children, that they bring their toys inside.

front lawn

Keep Things Nice and Tidy

Keeping your floors clean is super important.  I know that many of the home flippers in Florida that we educate and mentor know the struggle of this since a lot of us upgrade the flooring to a ceramic tile or even a marble.  However difficult it is, you must focus on keeping the floors clean as first impressions are everything.  You don't want to give a buyer a doubt that keeping a floor clean may be something that keeps them from making an offer on your house.

clean flooring