AirBNB is a big undertaking with plenty of profit potential, which we touched on last week, so it’s not surprising that you want to put your best foot forward. That’s exactly how you’re going to succeed on the platform.

You might have pressing questions that need answers. You may have finally had enough of bringing eccentric roommates into your home and feel short-term rentals are a much better solution. No matter the reason, just know that we’re here to help. This is a beginners guide to starting an AirBNB business.

How to Start an AirBNB Business

  1. Profile Creation

First off, you need to sign up to the site and create your profile before you can begin your hosting duties and responsibilities so that’s where we’ll begin. Some of us tend to feel weird or awkward talking about ourselves but it’s necessary in this case.

In fact, your profile is your most important asset. It’s where you need to shine. You need to leave a lasting and positive impression with your potential guests.

So help them get to know you better. Tell them where you’re from. Tell them about your job. Tell them about your favorite hobbies and things you like to do during your free time. Basically, be yourself, act naturally, and provide a good description of yourself and who you are.

starting an airbnb

It’s also best to let guests see your photo. I know. I know. Most of us hate posting photos online. But it’s important nonetheless. People want to see who you are and what you look like before committing.

If you look like a serial killer looking to lure unsuspecting victims to their house they’re going to run for the hills. So share a nice, non-threatening photo that isn’t going to scare anyone away and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Honesty is the Best Policy with Guests

It’s very tempting to make your house or apartment look a lot nicer than it really is with the magic of Photoshop. But this is a really bad idea as you already know. By Photoshopping images of your place you are deceiving potential guests. This is not the best way to attract the right clientele.

Remember, not everyone wants their Airbnb rental to look like they are staying in the Ritz-Carlton. You can have a rundown, old and outdated looking place as long as you let everyone know the real condition. You also have to price the rental accordingly. You can’t charge premium prices for an outdated room, but you can offer it to people on a tight budget and they’ll be more than happy to pay for your very affordable listing.

  1. Encourage Guests to Leave You a Review

I guess this step should come with a caveat. If you know in your heart that a guest wasn’t happy with their experience, you should not encourage them to post a review to your profile. This could lead to more trouble than it’s worth. They may do it anyway, but you shouldn’t encourage negative reviews.

On the other hand, you should always remind and encourage happy guests to post a review about their experience. Positive reviews will certainly attract more and more guests, which is obviously what you want.

When a happy guest is about to check out, you should remind them to leave you a review on your Airbnb profile page. Give them a reminder paper, or card, or send them an email. You can even come up with ways to incentivize the review.

But never ask guests to lie or be dishonest on your behalf. Just encourage the happy guests and ignore guests that might not have enjoyed their experience for one reason or another.

  1. Ensure All Messages and Payments Stay within Airbnb

Some hosts are tempted to cut Airbnb out as the middleman, but this is a big mistake. You are leaving yourself vulnerable otherwise.

How so?

Well, for starters by choosing Airbnb you are insured for $1,000,000. So if your property is somehow damaged by one of the guests, you are covered for up to a million dollars in damages. Not bad, right?

Let’s not forget about the additional security. Airbnb vets every one of the guests on their site. So you know the people renting from you in the short-term are verified safe.

Plus, they have excellent customer support to help you too. So keep all payments and messages within their system so they can verify you claims and provide the other added benefits mentioned above.

Bottom Line

Getting started with Airbnb doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s actually pretty easy once you’ve committed to being a host. So use the tips and suggestions mentioned above and you’ll have no trouble starting your hosting career on the right foot.