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Five Questions to Ask Any Real Estate Mentor

1. What is the level of experience of the mentor that is teaching?

We have a combined 40 + years of first hand experience in real estate in South Florida investing, flipping, and wholesaling homes.

There are many people in the industry that go around teaching that have never actually done a real estate deal. They hire professional salespeople to go around the country to get you excited about real estate and yet they have no experience. Also, many online platforms of social media, HD TV shows don’t fully tell you the whole picture.

2. Is your mentor actually doing real estate deals currently?

We actually do everything we teach. We have been doing deals in and up and down market. As the world has adapted social media, automation and encountered a pandemic, we have not only been doing deals, we have been thriving during this time. We have a pulse on the market as a team of action (positive).

If your mentor is not doing deals currently, how can you know what is happening in the market? You are reactive versus proactive. By the time you hear from others,the trends may be changing in your area (negative).

3. Why is it important to have a local real estate mentor?

Local mentors know the area. South Florida is a little unique in that you may drive one block and you have a gorgeous home and next block you may encounter a crack house. Local mentors are familiar with areas, laws, code enforcement as well have a power team full of contractors, hard money lenders, title companies and much more.(positive).

It is hard to mentor a person with specifics on pricing and repairs when you don’t live in the area. It is important the mentor has the “full story” of the area. It easy to make mistakes when the area is foreign. Though the concepts inherently are the same anywhere in the country, the specifics and the details can make or break your deal (negative).

4. Everyone states they are the #1 mentoring program! Is your mentor putting up 100% of the money for the deals?

Growing up in the Northeast, we come from a culture of telling you how it is. If you are so confident, put your money where your mouth is! We put up 100% of the money for the deals for our students. This includes earnest money deposits on contracts. We have proof of funds to make sure the seller is comfortable with our offer to purchase. We even put up the money for inspections & appraisals. If the deal doesn’t go through, we eat the expenses. You heard that right, not the student.

These other programs boast how they are the #1 program in the country. Why wouldn’t you put up the money for the deals for your students. These other companies expect you to spend a fortune with constantly an upsell on their education and then with no real experience raise money for your deals. It is not easy to raise money for real estate transactions when you have no experience.

5. Next question that you need to ask yourself iswhat is in for the mentor/company for you to become a successful real estate investor?

Since we go 50/50 on the net profits with our students, our goals are aligned throughout the program. Our business model is to take less students in our program and get you to perform. Meaning if you are closing deals with us, then it is true win- win for the student and the mentor. We are willing to go out to the houses with our students. After all,we are funding the deal and putting 100%l of the money. We love our students, but we want to make sure we have a good deal that makes money before we fund.

When the mentor has no skin in the game, then they are only teaching you the basics of real estate investing. They do not get compensated if you do deals or don’t do deals. Generally the coaching is not “good or bad”, but it is human nature if the coach does not have any incentive when it comes to your success. Are their goals really aligned with your success?


  • We put up 100% of the money for every deal!
  • Average over $25,000 per deal in PROFITS!!
  • Rated number one mentoring program in Florida!
  • We will go with you to negotiate the deal with the seller!
  • 100% Financing available for student tuition.


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