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Finding A Real Estate Mentor For Free

Every successful person shares one thing in common, they all have a mentor. Everyone experiencing any level of success has gleaned information and experiences from someone further on down the road. We’ve seen this proven process work for athletes, politicians, School teachers, Real Estate Investors and pretty much any occupation you can imagine. The question…

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Finding A Mentor In Real Estate And A Eureka Moment

It’s very rare when you go to a real estate investor networking event that you don’t hear somebody discuss the topic of mentors. People are always talking about this. Some ask whether they need one and if they do, where they can find one. I’ve even heard people ask if they should go out and…

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Finding the Right Real Estate Mentor for You

Finding the right Mentor in real estate is no easy task, but when you put in the effort and implement the proper action steps listed below, the odds are high you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more. Making that happen is worth everything in the world. Seeking out the Guru’s (you know, the know…

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