Finally, A Step By Step, Full Day Workshop To Help You Create A Website That Actually Makes You Money...

Without all the technical headaches that usually come with designing a converting, high converting, lead generating website.

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Are You Tired Of Having An Beautiful Asset Online With Little To No Results?

Let's face it. Having a website online these days jus isn't enough.

You've spent thousands of dollars developing the prettiest site online, but when you went live...


Day after day.


It's not your fault.

You've watched countless YouTube videos, listened to the latest podcast learning the countless items (the newest & coolest) you need to really make your website work. You've listened to other entrepreneurs who told you what "they" told them to do. You know, the proverbial "they." More on those folks in a minute.

But if we're honest, at the end of the day you've created what we like to call in the industry, a brochure site. One that has no hint of direct response marketing, but one that your mom would say, "Oh, that's so pretty honey."

I can't tell you how many folks have told me, "Damien, I wish I had met you a year ago before I wasted $10K on a website that does absolutely nothing for my business."

We believe that your online asset is an investment in your business that should quickly pay for itself.

How My Workshop Can Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

I totally get it.

You're a business owner, not a web designer or developer. You have a business to run, where there are fires need to be put out in your business every single day.

You can only do so much, so your site's been sitting on the "important, but not urgent" list for months... or years.

And on top of that -- you're probably not a marketing "pro", a technical whiz or a design genius, so the idea of needing to stay on top of it all, and make all the right decisions can be kind of overwhelming.

But consider how many thousands of leads and how many tens of thousands of dollars you're losing every single month you delay having a website that really gets results for your business?

The Most Expensive Investment You Can Make In Your Business Is Trial & Error...

You can do it yourself and learn from your (expensive) mistakes... OR... you can learn from other people’s mistakes.

So what do we mean by that?

In short, we've worked with more than 1,000 clients and have sleeves-rolled-up, in-the-field experience of what works and what doesn't for hundreds of different kinds of businesses.

In short we have a PLAN for your business.

Respect the value of your own time and invest in a proven roadmap to ensure that the time you do put in is well spent.

Damien, I get it and I understand you GUARANTEE I will LOVE it! I want to attend!

This Is Your Invitation to Just Get It Done (With My Help!)

Between my team and I, we have 15 years experience in building websites that get results. We build 50-100 websites a year for our clients and our premium clients make millions from the sites we design them.

And thanks to that experience, we know the places where people get "stuck" (in some cases, for years.)

We've answered all of the tough questions that you might have been putting off.

Questions like:

  • What pages should you have on my site?
  • How should they be structured to drive toward your #1 business goal?
  • What words should you use to maximize conversion?
  • What are you selling and how should you sell it?
  • What COULD you be selling?
  • How do your set up the systems behind your site so you're free to do what you do best?
  • ... and many, many more

Getting My Help Usually Begins at $500/hour...

I have 10 years experience in building websites that get results.

And thanks to that experience, we know the places where people get "stuck" (in some cases, for years.)

To get us on the phone, we start at $500/hour and to have us build your online platform for you, you'll be writing a check for at least $25,000.

I realize that's out of reach for most folks and wanted to offer more people a chance to "get inside our heads" and benefit from our years of expertise.

This is whyI decided to offer Your Website in a Day -- a "hands on" one day workshop of training where we're going to close the office door and together make it happen.

Our goal for you is to come away with a complete "blueprint" for your site. Everything you need to take your new or improved website to the world.

This live program is your rare & valuable opportunity to get "inside our heads", to get profitable "a-ha" after "a-ha", and begin working on your website for just a TINY FRACTION of what my other clients pay.

Presenting Your Business Intensive!

Click the "Secure My Seat Now!" button below. You'll be taken to our secure checkout page, where all you have to do is enter your regular details and complete your investment while reserving your seat today.

A Complete, One Day, Intensive Workshop - LIVE!

Part 1: The Setup

If your online platform isn't delivering results, it's not because your content sucks, or because you're bad at what you do.

In fact, the problem might have nothing to do with you at all.

It could be because your website isn't correctly matched to your #1 most important business goal.

Makes sense -- if your website's pulling in a different direction, then how can it deliver results?

In this session you'll:

  • Gain an "insane" level of clarity on exactly why your site isn't delivering results and what your "path to cash" looks like.
  • Learn there are in fact THREE ways your website can help grow your business, and how to make the quick fix required to flip the switch on big money
  • Discover how to choose a memorable branded URL that positions you & what you do perfectly
  • Home page -- we'll show you the 3 kinds of home pages and how to pick the one most likely to quickly take your business to the next level
  • Consulting, services & programs pages -- the best practices to command high ticket prices for what you do, even if you're in a price-sensitive market
  • Your blog -- how to use it to powerfully position you as the authority in what you do while invisibly pulling your traffic into your product & service funnels
  • Initial consultation page -- the art and science to giving prospects a taste of working with you that ensures massive take-up of your offerings
  • Your About page -- the "ugly step-child" page of most business websites, we'll show you ninja techniques for using the humble About page to spark massive connection, build trust and get the cash register ringing
  • The best structure to use for your site navigation so you funnel your visitors to the "money" pages as quickly as possible.
  • How to set up an "extended footer" to keep people on your site, browsing longer and going deeper with you
  • plus much more...


Part 2: The Buildout

Unless you can motivate your visitor to take action to join your list, sign up, register, schedule a discovery call, etc.. within seconds, then your site can't succeed.

So why do so many websites have no (or really really bad) calls-to-action? (That's the definition of making things harder than they have to be.)

That's why we're devoting a session to:

  • Creating the perfect "call to action" for each page of your website to fill your funnel with as many leads as you can handle
  • Little known conversion strategies you can use on each and every page of your site to inspire maximum conversion of visitors into action-takers and buyers
  • Creating high-value gifts, template, tool or spreadsheet ("ethical bribes") so that your visitors have no choice but to opt-in for what you're offering, priming the pump for sales
  • How to create a funnel that will first encourage those subscribers to consume your gift, and then go on to become buyers
  • How the "pros" use "color palettes" to send the right signals about their brand in just 3 seconds that powerfully sets them apart
  • The 4 essential font styles your site needs to be taken seriously. Most people have too few or too many and both are real "deal-killers" for your credibility
  • Learn the right way to do your signature photo - the photo that truly captures who you are and instantly attracts your ideal client – on your website and your social media profiles
  • And finally, you'll learn the tricks to finding the right stock imagery for your site that sends the right signals and doesn't instantly undermine all your hard-won credibility, making the sale that much harder


Phase 3: The Wrap Up

We get it -- you're not a tech genius. That's why we'll dedicate this session to demystifying some tech-stuff in your business.

  • First, if you're going into to business online in any volume, you're going to need a merchant account. So in this session we'll talk about the difference between merchant accounts and how to make sure you're getting the most from yours (plus the lowest rates).
  • Next we'll cover the 2 key pieces of technology every online business needs to make money -- your CRM (contact relationship manager), AKA where you keep your list, and your email marketing service and how to choose the right one for you depending on your goals & future needs
  • If you're an info-entrepreneur, an industry authority or expert, a service provider or someone who makes a living selling what you know, then we'll show we can build your entire site for you for cheap and give you all the VA support you need so you can concentrate on what you do best -- working in your "genius zone" and growing your business
  • Video has been proven to increase conversion by up to 80% -- but most people make it harder than it needs to be. We'll show you the best, low-cost, no-tech ways to quickly & cheaply add video to your website


Here's What People Are Saying

Jon Muranko,

When it comes to digital marketing, Damien is my go to guy. The way he simplifies the process made it easy for me to jump right in and get results. I love that it was clear and had a step by step process.

Jon Muranko, Marketing By Permission.
Tom Tran,

In our business, there has not been an easier way for us to generate buyer and seller leads than with digital marketing. Damien breaks down the simply and clearly. We appreciate how actionable the content is.

Tom Tran, TNT Digital Marketing.
Glen Dawson,

I’m not in real estate, but a lot of my clients are. It was suggested to me that I take a look at what Damien was teaching. Even for a non-techie like myself, I was able to easily implement this in my business.

Glen Dawson, ResetU.

Plus These 3 Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1: Our Exclusive Website Starter Kit Value: $1,400

Get our exclusive collection of software made to make your site take off from the beginning. All software are paid software that you would normally spend hundreds of dollars and countless time trying to figure what world.

We include this software suite just for enrolling in the workshop.

Bonus #2: Access To Our Business Planning BootCamp Value: $497

How’s your business working for you? Does it move smoothly with few glitches? Or is it a technical nightmare?

If the joy of being a business owner has evaporated for you, then it’s time to say goodbye to your old way of doing things and revamp everything to make it work for YOU. Nothing says you have to stick with bad ways of doing things; now is the time to fix what doesn’t work and see more profits!

My 30 Day Business Bootcamp is your solution to fixing those problems. This is a 4-part on demand study course that will guide you through the steps to identify what doesn’t work and ideas on how to fix those issues. This program normally sells for $497, but by registering for the workshop, it's yours for free.

Bonus #3: Social Media Bootcamp Value: $997

Are you a natural planner when it comes to taking action in your business? Or do you take every guru’s advice and try a million different strategies and pray something works?

The second option – what I call “hope marketing” or “livin’ on a prayer” – isn’t sustainable. You’re not focused, you’ll sound desperate for a sale, and you’ll barely make a part time salary. In order to raise your business from a hobby to an honest-to-goodness business, you need a plan of action. Lucky for you, I’ve got the exact plan to help build your foundation.

My latest workshop is “Social Media Bootcamp” and it is comprised of four on demand-study modules to create a solid marketing foundation for your business. Each module includes an Action Plan which you simply fill in the details and use it as a checklist. This is also yours to keep.

Here's What People Are Saying

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Save $500! 25 Seats Available

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Money Back Guarantee

Try us out at absolutely no risk. Implement what you learn from this workshop, and if you don't see a measurable improvement in your "bounce rate" or "opt-in rate" (which could be worth thousands to your bottom line), then just let us know and we'll refund your investment in this workshop AND cut you a check for $1,000 to pay for your time!

That's how serious we are about the quality of this product.

Simply provide us your website URL when you order so we can take a snapshot of the “before” part of your before-and-after journey! And second, we ask that you run analytics starting right away so we can verify your results independently. If you’re starting fresh, and building a completely new website, then our guarantee still stands! Implement what we teach you and install analytics, and if you see no results after implementing our strategies then we’ll send you that big, fat, check!

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