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Short Sales

How To Get The Best Price On A Short Sale

It is true short sales are less frequent in today’s Marketplace, but they still do happen. The challenge that we see right now is the banks are coming back with really high prices. It can potentially be a problem for people without a lot of experience. So how do you get the best price on…

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What Is The Secret To Getting A Short Sale Approved

  Short sales aren’t always simple and straightforward. In fact, sometimes they’re challenging to get approved. The economy is entirely different than it was ten years ago. So many people are now asking what the secret to getting a short sale approval is in today market? A lot of buyers lose patience with this kind…

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Are Short Sale Deals Still Worth Going After In Todays Market

Homeowners are asking if short sale deals are still a viable option for them when their home is underwater in today’s market. We don’t see as many on the market today as we did some years ago although they still happen because of the continually changing market. Many people argue that short sales are no…

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The Banks Process When You’re Selling A Home Under Water

The short sale process is very complicated and can take a long time. It is still very confusing to many people despite all the resources available and can really drag out a sale. Additionally, emotions are usually running very high for both the buyer and the seller during the process. It’s extremely difficult to think…

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