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A Brief Guide to Investing in Multifamily Properties

Real estate investing is a great way to make serious capitol. Most investors tend to gravitate toward purchasing single-family homes for rental income or a quick flip, yet establishing rental property income on a monthly basis is a great way to begin your real estate career. Are you looking to seriously add to your cash…

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The Advantages of Having Section 8 Tenants for Landlords

Maybe you’re a new landlord just starting out and you’re wondering if you should rent one of your units to section 8 tenants. Some people feel like these tenants are going to be a major hassle and nothing but trouble. They fail to realize the benefits of having section 8 tenants living in their units.…

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Is It Necessary to Hire a Probate Lawyer to Sell an Inherited House?

More often than not, when you look for information about how an executor of an estate should handle selling inherited property, the first thing you’ll typically read or hear is that they need to hire a probate lawyer. While this is not necessarily the worst idea in the world, it isn’t always necessary for an…

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3 Reasons Why Accepting a Cash Offer Is Better Than a Financed Offer

If you’re selling your home for the very first time or you just haven’t thought about the selling process too often, you might not realize the difference between receiving a cash offer versus a financed offer. And you may not know why a cash offer is a much better option. You see, many homeowners are…

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Tips for Getting Approved for a Loan Modification

Loan modifications seem to be on the top of everyone’s mind these days. They were really talked about a lot during the early days of the housing crisis, yet homeowners still find themselves struggling to make payments on bloated, high interest mortgages. In fact, when loan modifications first came to prominence during the housing crisis,…

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How To Wholesale Property On Your Own

Real estate wholesaling is a hot strategy for new property investors because it can be done with limited experience and funds. Wholesaling defines the process of finding real estate deals and receiving a “finder’s fee” for bringing these properties to investors. For example: John wants to sell his older home but he doesn’t want to…

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can become a powerful vehicle for building wealth, if you do it right. Here are the 3 biggest mistakes that people make when getting into real estate investing: #1:  Trying to Learn Without a Mentor It’s easy to get enthusiastic. Those house-flipping TV shows inspire you and make it look like 99%…

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Can You Really Flip Properties With No Money Down?

Flipping properties with no money creates an appealing low barrier to entry to property investing, and it’s the reason many people want to get into it. Wholesaling properties is one way to profit in real estate with zero money down—essentially, wholesaling means bringing sellers and investors together and collecting a finder’s fee. However, you cannot…

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