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Posts by Brian Longley

What Is The Best Time To Try And Buy A Pre-Foreclosure Home

Real Estate Investors ask when the best time is to reach out to the owners of a home during their pre-foreclosure process. The issue is many real estate investors feel uncomfortable reaching out to families when their experiencing financial distress and cannot keep up with their mortgage. People will tell you this may be too…

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When Is The Best Time To Approach A Seller Of A Probate Property

Many Real Estate Investors are hesitant to work with probate deals because it takes them out of their comfort zone. Some of these investors feel uncomfortable approaching families that have lost somebody close to them. Investors frequently wonder when the best time is to contact a seller for a probate property. There are many variables…

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What Is The Probate Process

Probate is the process of Legally assessing the validity of a deceased person’s will. The laws were created to help distribute the remaining assets according to the desires of the person who passed away. The process could also take place without a will using specific laws. The terms often become confusing because the process is…

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How To Make Money On Probate Properties

Working with probate properties in real estate investing is currently one of the biggest hidden gems available. This topic is critical to understand because many people do not do their research and miss big opportunities right at their fingertips. It’s common for people to become paralyzed and not move forward because they don’t have clarity…

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Why You Shouldn’t Do A Loan Modification If You Have No Equity

If you’ve recently run into a financial hardship it can be stressful and a life-changing experience. If this hardship is affecting your payments for your home and you are now behind on your mortgage, there are options available. You may be familiar with some terms such as bankruptcy, short sales, foreclosures, and even loan modifications.…

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Declaring Chapter 13 And Keeping Your Home In 2018

Filing for bankruptcy can be a terrifying prospect and, people face this scenario every day. This problem leads to many more questions regarding what you can keep and what you cannot. Often, the first question that comes up is; If I declare bankruptcy will I be able to keep my home? It’s not an easy…

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What Happens When Your Property Goes To Judicial Auction

Many people have questions regarding the foreclosure process and auctions. What happens if the home does go to a foreclosure to be sold at auction? It’s important to understand this stage of the process because it will determine how long you have before you need to remove all your belongings. We’re going to sort through…

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What Happens To Your Credit Score When The Bank Takes Your Home

People often wonder if foreclosure will hurt their credit rating score. This topic is an important one because if you don’t have the facts, taking the wrong step may impact your future finances for a very long time. Some people believe once you complete the foreclosure process you’re no longer responsible for the debt yet,…

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How Long Should A Loan Modification Take And Why So Long?

Homeowners facing difficulties can sometimes find themselves in a position where they’re unable to pay their mortgage. When confronting such terrible circumstances, the options can be time sensitive and overwhelming. You may have decided on a loan modification as your initial course of action hoping to avoid foreclosure or the short sale process. If this…

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