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Posts by Brian Longley

House Flipping With No Money Down

The Real Truth About Flipping Houses With No Money Down Some people say it’s impossible to flip houses without using your own money. This statement can be true only if you make it that way. The fact remains, it’s not just possible, but people do it every day. Flipping houses with little or no money…

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Five Big Tips For Flipping Houses

Real estate investing markets are hot right now. When for-sale listing prices remain low, and the home prices increase fast. There’s an excellent opportunity to flip a home and receive some profits in the process. In today’s market, you can make a significant income in a relatively short period of time. If you’re willing to…

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Nine Things Most Beginner Real Estate Investors Lose Sight Of

Television home improvement shows have been on the rise, and they’ve also attracted a new audience for the home flipping industry. The new viewer is discovering how lucrative real estate investing can be and are taking steps to get themselves into the game. It sounds nice on the TV shows when you can look around…

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Tips From A Fast Growing House Flipper

I met a gentleman a few years ago who was just starting out as a real estate agent. He was transitioning out of an office job he detested. He was very eager to get started with his new career and build it up to something big. I remember he was looking for someone he can…

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Finding A Real Estate Mentor For Free

Every successful person shares one thing in common, they all have a mentor. Everyone experiencing any level of success has gleaned information and experiences from someone further on down the road. We’ve seen this proven process work for athletes, politicians, School teachers, Real Estate Investors and pretty much any occupation you can imagine. The question…

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Finding A Mentor In Real Estate And A Eureka Moment

It’s very rare when you go to a real estate investor networking event that you don’t hear somebody discuss the topic of mentors. People are always talking about this. Some ask whether they need one and if they do, where they can find one. I’ve even heard people ask if they should go out and…

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