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What Permits To Pull On Your Next Rehab Property!

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their rehab projects is not pulling permits. There is a difference between staying on a tight budget, and cutting corners not doing the job right! In this episode Ryan takes a trip to one of the BREIA Mentoring Program student deals in Hollywood, Florida. With a full…

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North Miami Rehab Episode 1

This was a rehab project that we did with our student Antonio Lopez. Antonio found the property as a Pre-Foreclosure with the homeowner facing foreclosure. We did a Short Sale on the property and got the Short Sale approved in about 3 months. We closed on the property and started the rehab as we knew…

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How We Make Money Off Illegal Additions

In this episode Ryan talks about how to use Illegal Additions to your advantage. In every negotiation there are two sides, the buyer and the seller. If you are wholesaling a property, then you will be negotiating as both the buyer and the seller. As the buyer, you will need to use things like Illegal…

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$800k in liens, $25k in Profits! Get You Moving Monday!

A few episodes ago, we told you about a property in Coral Gables that had over $800k in liens. Despite multiple issues with the deal, the seller being out of town, the lender not wanting to work with us on moving the closing date, the city of Coral Gables giving a long timeline to review…

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